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In 1986, I was pastor in a Houston suburb and had a new MacIntosh computer.   A pastor friend had moved from Texas to Louisiana, but he was the ghostwriter for John Bisagno (FBC Houston) for several books.  One day he was in Houston to meet with John, but their lunch was cancelled because of a funeral.  So, he called me and we went to lunch.   He pulled out a list of about 30 churches in Texas that he had noticed were without pastors.   He said, “Somebody might be able to do something with this.”   So I did. 


By 1990, the list had grown, and more people were asking for it.  About that time, Richard Faling of the Church Services in BGCT got a copy and asked how it could be sent to Texas DOMs.   So, they picked up mailing costs.  By 1995, Bill Tanner of the Oklahoma convention asked for their Doms to be included.   Then in 2001, Lannie Byrd put it on the internet as a web page, and it  grew to as many as 18,000 “hits” in summer months.

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"Let there be something of benevolence, in all that I speak"

Jonathan Edwards

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