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After reading through 5 or 6 dozen resumes as our Search Team was seeking a full-time Associate Pastor and seeing the oversights by many prospects, this page was developed to remind candidates of some things which might keep them from getting fair consideration.  Please accept these words, not as an expert, but rather as brothers trying to help brothers.  

First Reminder: This is their FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOU. Make it good.



Full Present Information (I.E. Name, Address, Phone, Email, Birthday)

Marital Status (Date, Mate's Name, Children's <if any> with Birthday)

Experience with Employer's Name, Location, Position, Dates of Service)

Education with Institution's Name, Location, Degree (worked on or earned)

Brief Theological (BFM), Philosophical, and Ministry Statements

By the way: A Picture is Nice

REFERENCES: Not "Available upon Request" (just a note; Most candidates who did this were discarded.  One pastor said this, "A resume with no listed references is an incomplete resume.")

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