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Candidates, Don’t  Be Foolish!


The best candidates understand that churches do not begin their search immediately after a pastor leaves. Some churches have unusual forms of government, so caution is advised.  Most Search committees prefer a personal letter of endorsement rather than “blast” applications.


Only  the Holy Spirit can lead a church to the right pastor.   Pray that they will all seek and find the right person.  A person of high moral character, Biblical beliefs, leadership skills,  a loving attitude and the appropriate educational background may submit a  resume’ but never be considered.  Be available, but don’t get ahead of God!


What Happens If …..?

Pastors grow old or get sick and can’t continue their careers.  Back in 1918, Southern Baptists set up the “Relief and Annuity Board.”  now known as GuideStone. It is one of the best retirement systems available.  They also insure church properties.


Churches can start a retirement fund for their pastor or staff member for as little as $51 a month, and some disability and life insurance is included.   When a church invests 10% of a pastor or staff member’s salary, the person can retire with dignity, not having to beg for part-time work in order to live.


Sadly, a lot of churches never address this issue, and pastors do not mention it because they don’t want to be seen as greedy. Contact GuideStone for help with this. 888-984-8433.

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